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3 things you need to understand as a person

dan lokAlbert Einstein said and i quote- “we cannot solve our problem with the same thinking, we used when we created them” this simply means you use the same idea to solve a problem whiles you have a low self-awareness, and that’s why there are people who are dumb, there are people who don’t know they are dumb, there are people who know they are dumb and there are people who are dumb and think they are smart. so the question is how do you get unstuck- the answer is called AWARENESS- possibility, more information, more choices to solve a problem- so when you get stuck, instead of working harder to get unstuck, just look at it from a different perspective- maybe reading a book, watching tons of training video, attending a seminar or training or getting a mentor, something that gives you more choices and ways you could try and implement.


entrepreneurwhen people say, “money is not everything, after all after you die you can take it with you, so why have all the abundances, when we die, its all gonna be left behind- YES it very true; but its nothing more than a very big excuse- am not saying you should be all about money, but give your self the chance to leave life on your own terms, live up to your full potential-: be all you can be, get the most out of your present life. let me ask you; as a son,parent,wife, husband, friend, bother or sister? when someone that you love is sick or needs financial assistance and you cant afford it, then what kind of person are you; you won’t be able to help the person without money, ” and money is not everything, but money makes LIFE EASIER” without money all you can think about is survival, all you can thingk about is yourself, but when you have more than enough of abundance, success or money- then you can share, you won’t have to just focus on only you, now you can focus on other people, so don’t criticize what you have not done

so the question is how do you use your time on this planet earth to make a difference, to be all you can be, to support the people that you love? so that when they need help, you could help.

money is not everything, but money is very important. dont listen to people who say; “money is not everything, because the people who say that dont have anything”. so work hard and smart for the money, to get the money out of the way, so that you can live life on your own terms.


entrepreneurial goals
the reason so many people get fustrated in life when things are not happening fast enought for them, when there reality is not matching up to the vision they have for them self- lots of people want to get to there goals fast without thinking accurately about time, investment, effort, reality and their skill set. what steps are you taking to upgrade your mental game?entrepreneur













when you feel things are not working out, the question is what are you really doing to make things work, what risk are you taking? what lent are you willing to go? what information are you chasing? how are you training your mindset? how bad do you want it? what investments are you willing to make? oh!!! or you are the it won’t work kind of person. if you want to strive in something- then you must be willing to do what others won’t do, just do it!! success was never meant to be easy, so work you butt off; what you need to understand is that “you got to BE and DO, before you can HAVE.



Have you ever wondered why certain people are successful in life whereas some people are not? Well a large a part of winning in life is to know exactly what you want and taking never-ending action toward accomplishing it.

Regrettably, the majority do not perceive what they need. they seem rather clear regarding what they do not want in life however they sure do not know what they need. this is often a large lapse on their half. If you want to win in life you’ve got to know exactly what you want. If you are undefinable and unsure regarding what you want you will probably be distressed and unsuccessful in life.

For you to accomplish your goals you’ve got to know wherever you want to be. At an equivalent time you’ve got to know where you’re at the instant. solely by recognizing these two important details, are you ready to lead yourself within the correct direction. it is the same as utilizing a map to reach an area. to set regarding wherever you wish to be, you’ve got to know wherever you’re. In life you need to try to do the same.

Many sensible and industrious people land up in unfulfilling lives as they do not set goals for themselves. They let outside events order the trail of their lives. They respond to conditions in their life instead of masterminding conditions for their future benefit. With the hustle and bussle of standard of living, they get caught up with daily activities.

Make certain you plan your future. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. do not wake up some day in the future and regret that life has passed by you. Goal setting is the the vehicle which will transform your life from an average one to an excellent one.

Take action these days and set your goals to measure a satisfying life.

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