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What’s The Future Of Entrepreneurship? | Years From Now

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Entrepreneurship is not new, startups are not new. New, disruptive businesses have been there since ages. Farming was new when it was tried for the first time. Automobile was new when Ford produced it for the first time at a large scale. That’s the same with Edison, Steve Jobs and so many others. Going forward,

As long as humans have the power to innovate and the will to change lives, starting up and entrepreneurship is bound to flourish
However, looking at the way activities around entrepreneurship and startups are proceeding in today’s generation, it is fast building up into a bubble, a hype, a wave. As an effect, anything with the startup or entrepreneurship tag sells. There are increasingly many entities and people that have mushroomed to leverage this hype. We can put them under one single umbrella tag called startup ecosystem entities. They can be startup communities, event organizers, co-working spaces, mentor-ship providers, startup focused funds, startup focused media, government agencies, etc. I would truly trust them if they manage to be there even after the hype recedes.

What this hype is resulting in is influencing, either for good or bad, people to be business people, business minded and turn them into business ideas. This was until a few decades back relegated to a few business families and communities who used to do it since decades or centuries. We don’t necessarily need to follow them and gain expertise in it.

I have seen many folks taking a plunge just for the sake of it, because ‘its cool!’. They are desperate for an idea and startup without doing a proper research and without planning it all out. There are some others who just start with a non-disruptive, old and tried idea but call it a startup. Technically, they are in the startup phase of a business but are they startups in its true sense?

This puts not only them, but their families, too at risk.

On the other hand, there are bright young minds dropping out. This might have long term impact on their careers. both society and corporate world, has still not matured enough to embrace dropping out as a culture. Just because it worked for a few wouldn’t necessarily mean it might work for us too. This is fast becoming another fad that might recede in a few years. A strong education is an investment in future and will help us throughout life. Also, this puts at risk years of dream and savings of hard working parents who only want to see their children grow successful in life.

Let’s remember that the startup success rate is still not so good. So, 9/10 startups typically fail.

Increasingly, people are getting motivated to startup because they are seeing entrepreneurs receiving money, fame and power. Or staying happy when they quit a job. Or implementing a kick-ass idea that they are excited about.

That’s not what true entrepreneurs startup for. Entrepreneurs are creators and problem solvers by nature. They sometimes create stuff just for the passion of it. (Remember the iPhone?). Other times, they see a gap, a real world challenge and come up with a viable solution to it. Through research and sound observation, they know it will be the right solution. So,

the situation prompts an idea. Not the other way around where the idea is forced into a situation.

They are not inspired by how much money or fame that idea might bring them. They are truly passionate and happy about what they do without expectations or compulsions. They pour love into their creation. They also care for the society they live in enough to selflessly serve it – profit or no profit. They are super positive doers by attitude with very less emotional attachments. They are self disciplined and typically, with a strong reliance on spirituality.

In my opinion, a Startup venture can be any venture – commercial or not – that is entrepreneurial in nature, involving innovative creation and problem solving using a never-before approach, be it organizing an event, executing a project, redesigning a car or a bike, humanitarian work, painting, creating music like no one else, a trip to an uncharted no man’s island or even cooking something new, etc.

And, this hype is sure to come down in a few years. Then, we are bound to realize that:

We don’t need a startup to be an entrepreneur, practice entrepreneurship and be entrepreneurial. An entrepreneur is a personality. Entrepreneurship is a personality type and not a position.

There are several folks who are entrepreneurs while being at work. We have started calling them ‘Intrapreneurs’ now.

On the flip side, this hype can lead to increased stress that can affect various facets of one’s life. Simply because there are many out there who are not entrepreneurial by nature but want to flaunt themselves as entrepreneurs. They may not be adequately prepared to take the baggage of failure that comes with taking this journey.

The effect can be on health, mental and emotional well being, relationships, financial well being, value and belief system, social life, etc.

We will realize that an entrepreneur is one who leads a successful and peaceful life having faced challenges and failures head on. Successfully implementing out-of-the-box solutions to everyday issues. Respect, money, fame, power, love – everything will eventually come, without expectations.

Instead of coming up with an innovative idea and implementing it, why don’t we find innovative solutions to every situation in our life. Instead of impacting the world with our startup, why can’t we impact it with our actions in life? Instead of pouring our passion, happiness and love into a startup, why don’t we do everything in life with the same passion, love and happiness? Why do we lead life itself as a super positive doer in a self-disciplined manner?

Then, our life will be our first startup.

That said, can a country, a city, a community, a region, a school or college be entrepreneurial? Why not!

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